Mission and Goals


To promote the principles of Christianity for the people of the Singida region of Tanzania by partnering with them to develop strong self-sufficient communities through improved medical care, better living conditions and expanded educational opportunities.


African SMILE is committed to working with the local government officials, churches and especially Bishop Alex Seif Mkumbo to accomplish the programs and projects that will help their community grow.

1.    Education
2.    Leper Independence
3.    Healthcare
4.    Community Infrastructure
5.    Economic Development – Self-sufficiency
6.    Christian Principles

Gunda Secondary School

Students gather outside Gunda Secondary School

African S.M.I.L.E. is committed to providing quality education to all children in Nkungi village. Currently the schools average 70 to 100 students per classroom. The first step to ensure quality education for the children of Nkungi is to attract and keep quality teachers. The only way to attract and keep quality teachers is to provide them with suitable living accommodations. Our Teacher Housing Project will help accomplish this goal. A firm commitment has been made to African SMILE promising to provide teachers to Nkungi Village once these duplexes are completed.

Bandages distributed to leper patients in Nkungi were knit by the women of Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Bandages distributed to leper patients in Nkungi were knit by the women of Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville, Oregon.

African SMILE is committed to integrating leper families into the community and providing them the means to become self-sufficient. For decades those afflicted with leprosy have lived together isolated from the rest of the community. While the disease is now treatable and under control the stigma of having ancestors afflicted with leprosy continues. There are three steps to accomplishing this goal:1) Leper Housing Project – provide independent houses for the leper families; 2) Leper Education Project – provide primary and secondary education opportunities for the children; and 3) Leper Economic Development Project – provide economic opportunities to allow the leper families to become self-sufficient.

African S.M.I.L.E. provides access to healthcareHEALTHCARE African SMILE is striving to improve access to quality health care for all members of the Singida region and is committed to containing the infectious disease epidemic and providing medical assistance to the leper community.

African S.M.I.L.E. helps build community infrastructureCOMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE – CLEAN WATER, ELECTRICITY, PLUMBING, ROADS African SMILE is committed to providing a solid infrastructure to allow the community the foundation on which to expand. Clean water, electricity, plumbing, and paved roads are the basic services needed to ensure a healthy and economically viable community. Repairing wells, maintaining an air strip and reclaiming a lake are three projects that will help achieve this goal.

African S.M.I.L.E. helps economic development

Local women make baskets to sell to missionaries and other visitors.

African SMILE is committed to providing resources necessary for the development of a self-sustaining economy. African SMILE will be exploring opportunities to work with local officials to establish a nursing school, micro loan programs, and provide equipment and generators to aid in the manufacture of bricks and other products. These projects will provide employment and economic growth for the community.

African SMILE is committed to sharing the word of the Lord with the community of Nkungi. African SMILE continues to provide Humanitarian Aid in the Name of Christ and promote the principles of Christianity. Every trip includes worship and sharing opportunities with the people of the Nkungi community. All members of the mission trips are responsible for their own travel costs.