Anticipated Projects for 2018

The following three projects will be the focus of fundraising efforts for the trip planned for the spring of 2018.

1) Building a teacher’s duplex for the Primary school (anticipated cost = $26,000). There is currently a terrible overcrowding problem at the primary school. The children to teacher ratio has swelled to over 100:1. The result is that children are unsupervised and not learning. The solution is to attract more teachers to the region. The government of Tanzania supplies teachers and covers their salary IF adequate teacher housing is available to attract and retain teachers. AfricanSMILE aims to build a new duplex unit to house two new teachers at the elementary school and help alleviate the crowding and better educate the children.

2) Continue efforts to provide housing for those afflicted with Leprosy (anticipated cost = $12,000 for five living units). We will continue to address the lack of housing at Charedeleco and build on our having provded 17 living units to date.

3) Planning and construction of a secondary school dorm for girls (anticipated cost = $80,000). Girls coming from out of the immediate area are being sexually and physically abused when housed in private homes in order to attend school. More dormitory housing is needed to give these girls safer living options. This dorm would serve up to 90 girls. Girls who are housed in dorms achieve grade point averages 2 full points above those in lesser living arrangements.


Additional priorities for next year include:

  • Ongoing project maintenance (anticipated cost = $500/month). We need funds for maintaining all the infrastructure that we have built for Iambi Hospital and Nkungi Village over the years. This includes maintenance for the airstrip, wells, other building maintenance for all the structures built.
  • Training of an equipment technician to service hospital equipment (anticipated cost = $3,000-$5,000).