African SMILE Education ProjectsTeacher Housing Project African SMILE is working with Friends and Family to build duplexes with all the basic amenities.  Each duplex will house two families.  The first phase of the project is to build 4 duplexes, two for primary school teachers and two for secondary school teachers.  The cost to build each duplex is $17,500 (USD).   The total cost for all 4 duplexes is $70,000 (USD).

Having adequate teacher housing is critical to attracting qualified instructors to this region.  And the need is great.

Leper Education
Integrating the children into the public school system has proven to be unsuccessful. The solution is to provide them with their own teachers and classrooms. Classrooms have already been constructed within the Lepers’ Community Center, but as with the public schools keeping quality teachers is dependent on living accommodations. The cost to build one duplex for teachers dedicated to teaching the children of the leper families is $17,500 (USD).


Infectious Ward Building Project To outfit the building requires furniture, medical equipment and supplies – a total cost of $10,000.  African SMILE will be working with Global Health Ministry to obtain the necessary equipment.  To ensure safe and long term use of the equipment, African SMILE has provided for the training of a local technician to maintain the equipment.


Lake Reclamation ProjectLake Reclamation Project The local lake has dwindled in size and cleanliness due to an accumulation of silt and dirt from a non-working dam.  A future project will involve repairing the dam and removal of the silt to provide additional water sources and allow for the resurgence of the fishing industry.  Total costs to be determined.

Economic DevelopmentFarming
The stigma of leprosy prohibits those afflicted from being farmers and selling their crops.  African SMILE will be exploring economic development opportunities on behalf of the leper families.