Building Leper HomesBuilding Leper Homes
The Tanzania Government has provided land for 50 houses.  African SMILE is working with local builders to complete the 50 houses within 3 years.  The cost to build a two room brick house with windows and a door is about $2,000 (USD).  The total cost for all 50 houses is $100,000 (USD).



Eye Operations Project For years African SMILE has been funding eye operations for those afflicted with leprosy.  This on-going program costs $1,000 a year for an eye surgeon to travel to Nkungi every other month to perform the necessary surgeries.  African SMILE in cooperation with local medical personnel will ensure that no leper will ever be charged for an eye surgery.

African SMILE AirstripAir Strip Project African SMILE installed and ensures maintenance of a grass air strip near Nkungi.  This on-going program costs $750 (USD) a year to keep the grass mowed.