“The Least Of These” – Pastor Gary Blumanthal

by admin on September 22, 2016

Having the opportunity over the last two years to volunteer in helping build new housing for some of the elderly people in Nkungi village, those afflicted with leprosy but now cured, has been a very gratifying and humbling experience. There have been some who have suggested that sending money instead of traveling to Tanzania may be better stewardship of one’s money. There is some truth to that point of view. However, to be there in flesh and blood with those who have been disabled and disfigured by leprosy and to see and learn of the hardships they have had to deal with on a daily basis is an eye opening experience that out measures what money alone can do for these destitute people. Their struggles in life have touched my heart deeply. Investing time, sweat, and getting hands dirty so that I can help one move from sleeping on a dirt floor in a dilapidated house with deplorable living conditions to a new permanent house with clean water at their doorstep has been a joy and blessing beyond my imagination. When one receives a new house complete with new furnishings and a small garden plot I hear, see and feel a deep and sincere spirit of gratitude for the blessing we have given to them. To receive their hugs, disfigured handshakes and generous smiles blesses me deep within. I believe that the end results of our work and presence confirms in a very tangible way that God loves them and is present to help them. As Jesus said, “As you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me”.

Pastor Gary Blumanthal

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