The Nursing Students Speak!

by admin on June 29, 2015

African SMILE has been supporting the new Nursing School at Iambi for the last few years. Increasing access to competent healthcare is critical and begins with a focus on training new nurses to help ease the shortage of competent medical caregivers. Supporting AfricanSMILE helps to increase the quality of care to this desperate area of Tanzania.

Listen to what some of the actual nursing students have to say about the education they are getting at the new Nursing School.

“I am feeling very good at Iambi School of Nursing for education and training. Because I am learning well through theory and demonstrate practically so as to improve my skills and become competent. Even though we are lacking some of the equipment for demonstration of skills but we are trying to do our best for the equipment we have. In addition am learning many things which will help me in my life like love and peace, harmony, participation on different activities in the school and the Hospital in line with physical and spiritual things. Am also feeling good with our Tutors/Instructors for their good love and compassion to us, they are working harder to ensure our success in future that we will be good Nurses who will safe the lives of the community in future.”

“I want to become a Nurse because, I like Nursing profession and it comes from my heart, I also like caring the patients and spend much time giving them heath talk and health education in addition to that I also provide psychological support and there fore making them to get well soon, further more to provide education to the community on how to take care of their body, utilize health facilities available to them and environmental sanitation in order to promote good health and hence prevention of diseases”.

“I want to become a nurse because I like to help and safe people according to their needs and problems conformity of Nursing knowledge and skills. In addition because Nursing is professional which is world wide known, it can allow us to practice in any given country as a Nurse. But most of all I like Nursing because it cares human life right from conception to the end with a safe death”.

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